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Terrell Stoglin Declared For Draft After Being Issued Season Long Suspension, According To Report

The University of Maryland has released an announcement that confirms that Terrell Stoglin will be declaring for the NBA Draft, it also sheds some light on why he made that decision. Apparently Stoglin, as well as fellow sophomore Mychal Parker, had been recently suspended by the team for an entire year due to a violation of the Student-Athlete Code of Conduct. That punishment led to Stoglin declaring for the NBA Draft. Any hope that he might eventually return to the team after testing the waters is likely moot at this point.

"Being a University of Maryland student-athlete carries a tremendous honor and responsibility," said director of athletics Kevin Anderson. "As much as we appreciate the effort these two young men gave to the program this season, they were unable to live up to that responsibility. We’re disappointed, but hope they use this as a learning experience."

The Parker bit is interesting because he has already announced his intention to transfer for a different school, so both of the players that received these lengthy suspension will no longer be with the team.

It makes far more sense that Stoglin would elect to enter the draft after some sort of catastrophic event between him and the team, rather then just feeling like he was ready for the next level. But without any more details about what violation led to he and Parker getting suspended for the entire year, it is difficult to fully grasp the ramifications of the entire situation. All we know now that that the Terps have an awful lot of scoring to replace next year.

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