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Terrell Stoglin Was Suspended For Repeated Violations Of Drug Policy, According To Report

We likely won't know the complete details surrounding Terrell Stoglin's suspension and ultimate declaration for the NBA Draft for some time, but there are some details that are beginning to leak out. Patrick Stevens, who is among the most reliable writers about Maryland athletics, has a source that tells him that Stoglin's suspension was tied to repeated drug test violations.

There are a few other options it could be, but this seems a likely option based on the letter of the law in the conduct code and the fact that we haven't heard any other options from beat writers. If this really was the case and Stoglin failed a drug test or committed some other infraction three times before this punishment, he really has no one to blame but himself. This suspension, if it was for that, will likely hurt his already diminutive draft stock.

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