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NFL Mock Draft 2012: Robert Griffin III Still Projected To Be Drafted By Redskins

The mock drafts keep coming at a quick pace. Don Banks has just published his latest mock draft on and in that mock draft and he still has the Redskins picking the Baylor quarterback with the No. 2 overall pick.

I was watching Jon Gruden's QB Camp show on ESPN the other day, and saw where the Scowler asked RG3 what the story was with his colorful socks. Really? Talk about old news. Is there anyone in America at this point who doesn't know about Griffin's sock collection?

The crazy sock collection that Griffin has may be fun to look at, but does it really matter what socks he wears as long as he is everything that the Redskins hope that he is? If Griffin can step in right away to Mike Shanahan's system, he could wear whatever the heck kind of socks he wants. It'll just be an interesting quirk to the young man.

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