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2012 NFL Draft: Kyle Shanahan To Visit Robert Griffin III In Texas

At this point in the pre-draft process, it has become the general assumption that Robert Griffin III will be the pick of the Washington Redskins at No. 2 overall. There have been a lot of things to come out of the woodwork recently that support that notion, and perhaps none as confidence-inspiring as the latest bit of news. According to CSN Washington, offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan will be flying down to Waco a few times a week leading up to the Draft to meet with Griffin.

The fact that Shanahan is spending time with Griffin indicates the level of confidence that the Redskins organization has that the Colts are going to take Andrew Luck with the first overall pick. Jim Irsay’s public Hamlet routine notwithstanding, if they believe that there was any chance that Indianapolis would pull a shocker and draft RG3, they would not be spending Kyle’s time and the resources to teach the offense to a possible future Colt.

CSN Washington's Chick Hernandez has since tweeted that the Redskins also plan to meet with Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck, despite the fact that Luck will likely be selected by the Indianapolis Colts with the first overall pick. If the Redskins can get RGIII associated with the playbook before he is the actual draft pick later this month, it could be very good for his assimilation to their offense and life in the NFL.

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