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Nationals Vs. Cubs Final Score: Washington Rallies Late To Win 7-4

The Washington Nationals gave up their shot lived lead over the Chicago Cubs in the fourth inning on a Reed Johnson triple. Fortunately for the Nationals, once they were able to get to the Cubs bullpen and Kerry Wood on the mound, they were able to get a run back with a Danny Espinosa solo home run. Ryan Zimmerman and Adam LaRoche were able to then pick up back to back singles, forcing the Cubs to make another call to the bullpen.

The Cubs replaced Wood with Carlos Marmol who immediately walked Jayson Werth to load the bases. The Nats then brought in Chad Tracy to pinch hit, and it paid off with a two RBI single putting Wert on third base. Marmol gave up another hit to Roger Bernadina letting the Nats plate another run and push their lead to 6-4.

The Nats added another run in the inning to get to the final score of 7-4 and pick up their second win of the season and now have a winning streak going. The Nationals will try to sweep their first series of the season on Sunday against the Cubs.

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