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Lamont Peterson Tested Positive Due To Hypogonadism, According To Doctors

With confirmation that the rematch between Lamont Peterson and Amir Khan has been cancelled, Peterson's camp has been trying their best to try and absolve the boxer of intentional wrongdoing because of him testing for synthetic testosterone.

An article published by Washington Post sportswriter Gene Wang has said that doctors and other medical professionals that have treated Peterson for a testosterone deficiency, known medically as hypogonadism. Wang reports Peterson's attorney Jeff Fried contends that Peterson visited Las Vegas-based doctor John A. Thompson in November 2011 for this very reason.

Paperwork submitted by Fried to the Nevada Athletic Commission included a supporting letter from John A. Thompson, a Las Vegas physician who treated Peterson for a "critically low level of free testosterone." Peterson visited Thompson in November 2011 after complaining of fatigue and lack of concentration, which Thompson's letter indicated are symptoms consistent with testosterone deficiency.

The article continues to describe the specific type of synthetic testosterone injected into Peterson was a type of testosterone to treat his condition, not increase his athletic performance.

"The pellets do no enhance athletic performance," Thompson said in a telephone interview. "They couldn't enhance athletic performance because they release so slow."

Khan has tweeted that he is looking for a new opponent to fight on June 30.