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Calling All Veterans! SB Nation Wants Your Sports Memories From Deployment

Hello, folks. We're sure by this point that you've heard about our awesome SB Nation YouTube channel, and we've done a lot of cool stuff on it already. But we're trying to do now has potential to be the coolest project of all.

Memorial Day is less than two weeks away, and SB Nation's own military veteran, Matt Ufford, is looking to share your favorite sports-related memory from deployment with the world.

Here are the words of Matt himself:

It can be anything: how you learned who won the World Series, watching the Super Bowl at 3 a.m., playing soccer with Iraqi kids -- whatever sports memory that has stuck with you through the years. Tell us how you felt, what the atmosphere was like, why it mattered to you.

Now because this is going to be a video production, you need to do this on some sort of camera. Tweet or email the video file to Matt, and include your name, your years of service, and the branch in which you served.

We look forward to seeing and sharing your stories, and thanks ever so much for your service.

Check out the SB Nation Channel on YouTube