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Redskins OTAs: Stephen Bowen Recovering From Knee Surgery, Sits Out First Practice

ASHBURN, Va -While the list Washington Redskins rehabbing from offseason surgery was largely known prior to Monday's OTA practice, there were still a few surprise non-participants.

Defensive end Stephen Bowen was seen Monday morning with an ice wrap around his left knee for the majority of practice, watching team drills from the sideline. Bowen revealed after practice that his absence was a result of a mid-April surgery, one he's still recovering from.

“I’m just taking my time with it," he said . "[I got to] make sure I’m 100 percent”

Bowen suffered a PCL injury late last season, and says he wanted to make sure any after effects were taken care of.

“It was a little annoying pain , and I didn’t want to deal with it when [the season starts].”

The minor surgery, Bowen says, won't keep him out for much longer.

“I’ll probably be 100 percent in the next two to three weeks.”

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