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Conference Realignment: SEC Targets Virginia Tech For Further Expansion, According To Report

The SEC is rumored to be interested in bringing the Virginia Tech Hokies into their conference. What other schools have been linked as possible schools of interest for the SEC?

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While it's not the first time this rumor's been floated, ESPN's Chris Low was on the Paul Finebaum show and said that the SEC could be interested in trying to bring the Virginia Tech Hokies into the SEC.

While the SEC did not add any teams to their conference last summer, Tech was still on a short list of teams that could have been added. Kentucky Wildcats men's basketball head coach John Calipari also expressed interest in the Hokies, as well as other schools such as the Maryland Terrapins and the Missouri Tigers.

According to Jason Kirk of SB Nation, Virginia Tech has been forced to deny at least three, maybe four times any rumors of them looking to leave the ACC, the conference they left the Big East for in 2004.

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