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Conference Realignment: Virginia Tech AD Says Hokies Are 'Happy Where They Are' In ACC

The Virginia Tech Hokies have been the subject of a possible move to the SEC. But according to Virginia Tech Athletic Director Jim Weaver, the school has no plans to leave the ACC at this time. Weaver also confirmed that the school is not looking to join any other conference according to an interview done on the SiriusXM show CFB Playbook as reported by Washington Post Hokies Journal reporter Mark Giannotto.

Our current position is we're very happy where we are in the Atlantic Coast Conference. We've wanted to be here in the conference since the conference was started in 1953. We're right smack in the middle of the footprint of the conference. We like the philosophical approach of academics and athletics that the conference employs. And I don't believe there's gonna be any movement at this juncture. We're pleased where we are.

Of course this is all just speculation right now, but given the fact that there have been so many schools that have switched conferences recently, anything can certainly happen.

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