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2012 NBA Mock Draft: Wizards Projected To Take Thomas Robinson

Could Kansas big man Thomas Robinson end up with the Wizards on draft day?


At Wednesday's night's 2012 NBA Draft Lottery in New York City, the Washington Wizards landed the number-three overall pick. The New Orleans Hornets won the lottery, and they will choose first, followed by the Charlotte Bobcats.

While the Hornets selecting Kentucky big man Anthony Davis with the first pick seems like a complete formality at this point, the rest of the lottery picks are anyone's guess. With the draft order finally sorted, though, SB Nation's Tom Ziller released his latest mock draft. He has the Wizards taking Kansas forward Thomas Robinson with the third pick.

Of Robinson, Ziller writes:

In my opinion, here's the keystone pick, the choice that puts everything else in order. The players available to Cleveland, Sacramento, Portland and the rest obviously depend on what the Wizards decide, but it also moves the specific positional markets. There are a lot of big men in the 3-10 range; if the Wizards dip their toe in, those could begin to dry up more quickly than expected. If they go with the best wing or guard available, everyone else is sort of forced to take a big man. It's quite a predicament!

I currently think they'll take Robinson, a high-character D.C. native who can rebound the Hades out of the ball, defend, score in the pivot and will never ever Blatche the team. New Traditions, y'all.

The 2012 NBA Draft will take place on Thursday, June 28.

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