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University Of Maryland Unveils Design Of New Byrd Stadium Field

The University of Maryland set forth to re-design the football field in Byrd Stadium which led to rampant speculation on what the field could look like. There were some rumors and speculation that the field could be as extreme as the recent set of Terrapins' football uniforms, potentially a black or pewter colored field.

Unfortunately, the Maryland football field design looks surprisingly normal.

Maryland football will be playing on this field next season. on Twitpic

(via @terpsinsider)

The field will also have cooling technology that will be able to regulate temperatures on those steamy Maryland fall afternoons. The endzone designs appear to feature the crest design of the state of Maryland, like the football uniforms have at times. The field will also be synthetic turf in lieu of real grass with what looks like alternating shades of green every 10 yards.

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