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BCS Moving Towards 4-Team Playoff System

The BCS commissioners will recommend a four team playoff system for The Presidential Oversight Committee to approve.

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There have been many outcries for college football to move towards a playoff system to determine their national champion and the BCS looks like they're moving in that direction. On Wednesday afternoon, the BCS commissioners ultimately approved the idea of a seeded-four team playoff and would like to have the teams decided by a committee, according to a report by Brett McMurphy of CBS Sports.

BCS commissioners will recommend a seeded-four team playoff that will feature the "best four teams" as chosen by a selection committee, sources told Wednesday.

The Presidential Oversight Committee ultimately must approve the playoff on Tuesday in Washington D.C.. The playoff will begin after the 2014 regular season.

The plan still has to has to be approved, but if and/or when it is the changes will not go into effect until the 2014 season. The goal will be to select the "best four teams" and face off at predetermined neutral sites and it's possible the selection committee will incorporate some sort of RPI system similar to NCAA basketball.

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