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AT&T National 2012: Volunteer Injured After Crashing Golf Cart At Congressional

In some ways, this was inevitable. It's hard to get through a weekend on the mean streets of Bethesda without something untoward happening, and, indeed, the AT&T National claimed its first casualty Friday morning. Even more surprisingly, it wasn't due to the heat.

From the Post's Barry Svrluga:

A volunteer marshall at the AT&T National golf tournament at Bethesda's Congressional Country Club was injured Friday morning when he drove a golf cart into one of the nylon ropes that separate the course from the areas for fans, suffering a severe cut to his neck.

We joked at the start of this post, but it gets a little more disturbing after the jump.

Elion said the man's arteries were cut on both sides of his neck, and he was bleeding profusely. Elion and others nearby helped slow the bleeding by wrapping the man's jacket around his neck, he said. A fan called 911, and medical personnel stationed at the tournament site soon arrived.

Ouch. We obviously hope the poor fellow's OK.