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2012 Wimbledon Results: Roger Federer Defeats Julian Benneteau In 5 Sets

Roger Federer was nearly upset against Julian Benneteau in the third round of Wimbledon. After losing the first two sets, Federer came back to win the final three to win his third round match by a score of 4-6, 6-7, 6-2, 7-6, 6-1. Benneteau started off hot as he capitalized on his first chance to break in the first set and holding sever throughout on his way to win the first set.

In the second set, Benneteau continued his strong play against Federere, but this time the set went to a tiebreaker. Benneteau made it look easy during the tiebreaker to put Federer in a huge hole heading into the third set. That is when Federer began his comeback and he had no issues defeating Benneteau, however it looked like Benneteau used the third set to take breather to save his energy for the fourth set.

The fourth set saw the two go to a tiebreaker once again. Benneteau was able to hold his own against Federer, but he suffered some knee or leg injury but that did not appear to slow him down in the fourth set. Federer's comeback was complete as he showed his strength and easily won the fifth set 6-1, and now moves on to the next round.

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