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VIDEO: 2012 Belmont Stakes, I'll Have Another Scratched From Triple Crown Race With Injury

The shocking news of I'll Have Another's retirement from the 2012 Belmont Stakes with a tendon injury ended the hopes of a horse achieving the Triple Crown for yet another year. There are plenty of questions that the decision brings up including what the future holds in store for I'll Have Another and what this does to the field for Saturday's Belmont Stakes. Matt Garder of SB Nation has a video update with the answers to those concerns and many more.

As for what the next step is for I'll Have Another, this video details his horse friends Dullahan, Union Rags and Paynter helping to raise the horse's spirits with a day of fun.

For more on the Belmont Stakes and the race for the Triple Crown, stay with thisStoryStream and check out SB Nation's horse racing blog And Down The Stretch They Come. There, you'll also find a A Beginner's Guide To Following Horse Racing and a glossary of horse racing terms.