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Montreal Impact vs. D.C. United: Match Ratings From United's Dominating 3-0 Win Over Montreal

Want to know the Match Ratings from D.C. United's dominating performance over Montreal Impact?

WASHINGTON, DC - JUNE 30: Hamdi Salihi #9 of D.C. United celebrates with teammates after his goal against the Montreal Impact at RFK Stadium on June 30, 2012 in Washington, DC.(Photo by Ned Dishman/Getty Images)
WASHINGTON, DC - JUNE 30: Hamdi Salihi #9 of D.C. United celebrates with teammates after his goal against the Montreal Impact at RFK Stadium on June 30, 2012 in Washington, DC.(Photo by Ned Dishman/Getty Images)
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United, who have now won six in a row at home, sit atop the Eastern Conference all alone on 33 points (10-5-3). After a wild game in LA last night, only San Jose has more points so far this season (36).

Montreal looked disinterested in attacking last night and sat back in a shell for most of the game. It took United a while to break them down, but once they did, the floodgates were open.

Match Ratings:

GK - Bill Hamid - 7.5

I don't know how to grade his night, honestly. He wasn't tested at all -- he saved the only shot on target -- and he controlled his box well. He certainly didn't slip and fall and nearly give away a goal like Evan Bush almost did. On a hot night when a mistake could have easily happened, it didn't.

DEF - Robbie Russell - 8.5

Russell was impressive both in the rare occasions he had to defend, and in the attack. Russell scored the second goal for United off a header from a Branko Boskovic free kick. He also had some beautiful long balls to Maicon Santos in the second half. Overall, a very good night.

DEF - Brandon McDonald - 7

McDonald had a few errant passes which lowered his rating, but had a very solid night on defense. He cleared a few balls out of the back when they needed to be done.

DEF - Dejan Jakovic - 6.5

This rating is mostly a reflection of not noticing him much. He clearly didn't have an egregious errors, but didn't make nearly the impact in the back that McDonald did.

DEF - Daniel Woolard - 6.5

Woolard was mixing it up more than usual last night and it was noticed by a few in the press box other than me. I liked the fighting spirit, I just didn't see a lot going forward like he normally does. Still solid.

MID - Perry Kitchen - 7

It's tough to say if Kitchen was vital in breaking up Montreal attacks, or if Montreal just stopped caring once they crossed midfield. Either way, Kitchen was his normal solid self.

MID - Andy Najar - 7.5

Najar had some good service from the wing and fought hard to keep attacks going. And to think he was only the second-best winger United utilized tonight.

MID - Branko Boskovic - 7

Boskovic was noticeably absent throughout much of the game, but one stroke of brilliance off a set-piece and everyone will forget how tired and beat up he looked. Fresh off the new contract he showed exactly why he is here, pinpoint placement on free kicks. He's worth every penny in that regard. Coach Ben Olsen said after the game "We squeezed everything we could out of him [Boskovic] tonight in those 60 minutes."

MID - Chris Pontius - 9 (Man of the Match)

The party boy scored the opening goal for United, giving him four straight for United (dating back to the game against Philly). He was very impressive on the goal, beating three defenders and making it look effortless. He also had a few other solid shots that beat Bush, but were just wide.

FWD - Dwayne De Rosario - 6.5

DeRo looked uncomfortable at points throughout the game. Yes, his team was winning, but he couldn't get on the score sheet and it looked like it was troubling him.

FWD - Maicon Santos - 7.5

Santos' hold up play was again stellar. He just couldn't finish a few chances. He had one perfect chance in the second half after a long ball from Russell, he tried to chip Bush on a volley rather than blasting a shot at him.


Lewis Neal, Nick DeLeon and Hamdi Salihi - 8

All three subs were great coming off the bench. Neal had a nice block and didn't look lost in the middle. Olsen mentioned how "Lewis Neal has played a bunch of important games in England, don't forget that." Meanwhile, DeLeon and Salihi were impact subs as well with Salihi poaching a goal in stoppage time and DeLeon providing a few chances in his limited action on the pitch.