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Washington, D.C. Market Ranked Second In Television Ratings For Tape-Delayed Opening Ceremonies

It seems the denizens of the Washington, D.C. television market did not care a bit that NBC chose to air the 2012 London Olympic Opening Ceremonies on tape delay, as D.C. posted the second highest ratings for Friday evening's dramatic, powerful, and at times over the top, opening spectacle. Via @NBCSportsPR:

John Ourand of Sports Business Journal adds this on the overall ratings:

BC's much maligned tape-delay strategy around the opening ceremony brought in a huge overnight rating. The network says that it delivered a 23.0 rating/40 share for Friday night's event, the biggest overnight for a non-U.S. Olympics opening ceremony.

Viewers with a cable, satellite, or telco subscription can also view all of Saturday's Olympic events live online by going here.

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