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2012 Summer Olympics: Michael Phelps And Men's 4x100m Freestyle Relay Team Wins Silver

Although Michael Phelps did his part, the U.S. men's swimmers were not able to win the gold in the 4x100m freestyle race, taking home the silver medal.

In an odd reversal of the historic race at the Beijing games in 2008, it would be the French who barely edged out the U.S. in an exciting race, winning with a time of 3:09.93. The United States finished with a time of 3:10.38 while Russia won the bronze with a time of 3:11.41.

While Michael Phelps had a vintage run during his leg of the race, anchor Ryan Lochte stumbled down the stretch, allowing the French to secure the race. Lochte was a last-second addition to the four-man team.

This is the first medal for Phelps during the 2012 Olympic Games, as he finished in fourth during his first event, the men's 400m individual medley.

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