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Nationals TV Ratings Up 62 Percent In D.C. Market, According To Nielsen

We realize we're extremely late to this news, but if we covered ratings for a Redskins preseason game (and we did), we might as well acknowledge the (relatively) skyrocketing Nationals ratings this year.

Dan Steinberg of the D.C. Sports Bog has a thorough breakdown over here, but we do feel obligated to point out just how bad things were four short years ago.

In the summer of 2008, the Washington Nationals to a 59-102 season (one game was rained out and never made up). On July 7 of that year, SportsBusiness Journal reported that a mere 9,000 households were tuned into a typical Nats game. Over to you, Tom Boswell.

"Nine thousand?" said an incredulous Manny Acta, eyebrows arched. "Is that possible?"

That's the universal reaction. From the Nats up to Commissioner Bud Selig, that raw number, a minuscule 0.39 average rating, got reactions from skepticism to shock to concern.

Now, the Nationals are 28 games above .500, and 47,000 more people are tuning in every night. Amazing what a little winning can do.