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Fantasy Football Rankings 2012: Roy Helu Top Ranked Redskins Running Back

Roy Helu is the top-ranked running back in fantasy football on the Washington Redskins, according to Fake Teams. He is ranked at No. 20 overall on the list. Two other Redskins running backs are also ranked.

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The Washington Redskins may not have many well-known offensive weapons, but their coffers are far from empty from a fantasy standpoint. The top-ranked running back for the Washington Redskins is Roy Helu, ranked No. 20 according to Mike Gallagher of Fake Teams.

Its apparent because Tim Hightower, ranked No. 57 on the same list, is still recovering from his ACL injury last season. Gallagher complimented Helu on becoming the workhorse of the running backs for the Redskins last season.

Oh Shanahan how we loath thee. Tim "Hobbling" Hightower is currently the starter for the Redskins. Hightower has been seen with a hitch in his giddy up in camp and it's fair to assume that he isn't quite over his ACL injury from Week 5. Helu stepped in and was a true workhorse with 24.0 carries in the last four games of the fantasy season. He also had a 14-catch game earlier in the year.

The only other Redskins running back in the rankings is Evan Royster. On these rankings Royster is put at No. 52. Gallagher looks at the fact that Royster is atop the Redskins depth chart at the moment with some skepticism.

Royster is atop the depth chart for the Redskins. So there's that. Thanks, Shanahan.

Still, if the offensive line can improve slightly from last year, any one of these players could be a good mid-to-late round selection in your fantasy draft.

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