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VIDEO: Nationals Players Do 'Expendables' Impressions

Here's how Major League Baseball describes its Fan Cave, located at the intersection of 4th Street and Broadway in New York's Greenwich Village: "a first-of-its-kind space mixing baseball with music, popular culture, media, interactive technology and art."

What was obviously left out of that description was "a place where any visiting players who are in town for a series can drop by and do occasionally hilarious, but mostly just awkward impressions of characters in '80s action movies."

Sound a bit specific? You'll understand when you see the video below the jump.

Apparently, the people behind the camera decided to make certain Fan Cave guests try out for "The Expendables 3" because ... well, your guess is as good as ours, really. But enough from us, enjoy the acting skills of Mssrs. Clippard, Burnett, Mattheus, and Stammen.

Man, oh, man, Ryan, it's a good thing you can throw a baseball well. Because that spin kick needs some work.