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Howard University Football Players Ruled Ineligible For Season Opener

Up to 14 Howard University football players have been declared ineligible by the NCAA.

The NCAA has ruled that up to 14 Howard University football players have been declared ineligible as a result of the student-athletes' improper use of textbook allowances.

The names or exact number of players who will be disciplined have not yet been released by the NCAA or the school but the offending individuals will miss anywhere between one-to-three games depending upon the severity of their individual situations.

According to head coach Gary Harrell, the players will still be allowed to practice while waiting to regain eligibility.

In a column by the Washington Post, Harrell stated that the list of ineligible players could include sophomore quarterback Greg McGhee, which would leave the quarterback duties to junior Randy Liggins Jr. and freshman Jamie Cunnigham.

Howard University has been under investigation by the NCAA for students pocketing excess funds from textbook purchases. Under NCAA rules, schools are allowed to pay for books that scholarship athletes need for classes as long as the amount provided equals the cost of the book.

In the spring, a softball player stated that it was common for athletes to keep the difference between the cost of their books and the allowance. Individuals who are found to be doing this will be deemed ineligible by the NCAA until they repay the benefit and serve a suspension equal to the benefit received.