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Redskins Vs. Colts: Post-Game Quotes From The Redskins Locker Room

LANDOVER, Md - Here are some post-game locker room quotes following the Redskins 30-17 preseason victory over the Colts:

Pierre Garcon

On the offense's performance: "We did a lot of great things today. We ran the ball well, threw the ball well, got some yard both in the air an don the ground. We still have [some things] to clean up, but we did a good job out there today."

On Robert Griffin's performance: "He did a great job. We helped him out, running the ball well.....he's got a lot of things to work on, but it's a good start, a good preseason."

On the deep passes: "Coach Shanahan likes to throw deep ball. We thought we had it. It was a good play. I gotta get my speed up to get to it, but it'll come...Deep balls are very tough to hit. One little misstep can throw it off, and too far ahead of the ball can throw it off as's going to come along."

Santana Moss

On returning punts: "I'm always willing [to do it]. It's something that I think I'll forever know how to do. It's just something that comes with you. They gave a chance to get back there."

On if he wanted to return punts or if the coaching staff approached him: "I've been talking about it all OTAs. Especially since I lost all that weight, I feel like I could run again. It's a lot [easier], I feel like my old self. I've been messing around saying ‘Hey man, if [Brandon] Banks ever stumps his toe, you can count on me'"

On the first team offense and Robert Griffin III: "He did alright. It's nothing to get all crazy about. We did what we had to do. We went out there and moved the ball. We left a lot of stuff out on the field also, so there's nothing to get too crazy about...I think we did enough to be pleased with tonight."

Tim Hightower

On playing for the first time since last October: "It felt good,man. It just felt good being out there. I don't think I was really worried about the knee. Once I got out there I kinda got caught in the crowd and what [was] going on. It was just football, getting out there just playing football. The knee was fine, it just felt good to be apart of it."

On how important his first run was to him: "It was special. I think I hugged my coach and trainers about 18 times, just because it's been a long road. It's really been a long road. I knew how special it would be when coach told me the other day I was getting ready to play, but you really don't know that feeling until you get back out there and you do it. You hear the crowd noise, you're in the huddle with the guys, and on the sideline. It was special."

On Alfred Morris: "I kind of fed off some of Alfred's energy. That guy was running hard. He helped me. He kinda gave me that spark, seeing him out there running hard and putting everything out there."

On if he's encouraged after his first outing: "Absolutely. It's the first step. It's not the end of the road, I still got a lot of work to do, and I still feel like there's improvement I gotta do, but I'm in the ballgame."

Alfred Morris

On if he helped himself: "I definitely do, but I came in and I just said ‘I'm making this 53 man roster. I'm going to make it hard for these coaches not to keep me on this roster.' And I think I definitely helped myself going out there today. If I get in again next week, I'm gonna do the same thing, have fun and just work hard."

On potentially being the starting running back: "At the end of the day, everyone wants to be the starter, nobody wants to be a backup. "

On if he was surprised with his quick progress: "I knew what I'm capable of. I came from a small school, but I know my [work ethic]. I know that my willingness and want-to to be great. I definitely knew within myself that I could be a starter one day. I knew it was a process, and once I get my opportunities, I was going to make the most of it. I definitely have been getting a lot of opportunities a lot sooner than I thought due to injuries. "