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PHOTO: Now Robert Griffin III Is In Esquire, Because Obviously

One week after Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III was featured in GQ wearing a $6,000 coat, his tour of the September issues continued with a spotlight in Esquire, which put the rookie up there with Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and others (including a certain New York Jets backup quarterback) when it comes to the best-dressed players in the NFL.

We should point out that RGIII didn't actually take time out to model for this feature, rather, some poor Esquire intern (we think) was left to rifle through the magazine's archive to pick out 15 photos of reasonably well-dressed players.

The photo Esquire chose is below the jump.


And here's the caption they chose to run with it:

Because the bright socks he often wears are just a small piece, albeit a loud one, of a wardrobe that's executed well enough for us to (perhaps prematurely) deem RGIII style rookie of the year.


Anyway, we're not sure about the gray shoes or the slacks, but we like the jacket and black tie, so we'll call it even.