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George Huguely Trial: Ex-Virginia Lacrosse Player Sentenced To 23 Years In Jail

Former Virginia lacrosse player George Hugely, who was convicted on second degree murder charges in the death of Yeardley Love, was sentenced to 23 years in prison Thursday. Hugely is also set to serve one year concurrently for larceny and faces supervised probation, according to

Love, who was also a lacrosse player for the Cavaliers, died on May 3, 2010. Hugely was indicted for first degree and felony murder charges in relation to Love's death on Apr. 18, 2011. He was found guilty of second degree murder on Feb. 22, 2012.

Hugely had been facing up to 26 years for his conviction. Letters of support came from his family and friends leading up to the sentencing, including one from Hugely mother, Marta Murphy. She promised a solid support system for Hugely:

Our tight knit family and close group of friends will offer him a strong and supportive network when he is released.

.Hugely's attorney had been seeking a reduction of the sentence to 14 years.

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