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Maryland Installs Hydraulic Goalposts At Byrd Stadium

Over the past few months in this space, we've chronicled just about every change made to the football stadium at the University of Maryland, from the installation of new turf to a new seating sponsorship. So why should we draw the line at hydraulic goalposts?

From The Washington Post's Terrapins Insider blog:

Developed by Sportsfield Specialities, an Upstate New York company, the goal posts are built on hydraulic hinges, so they can be lowered to the ground mechanically, rather than manually like in other stadiums that maintain bolt system goalposts.

Post writer Alex Prewitt even linked to a handy-dandy YouTube video, which is vaguely underwhelming. We're not going to lie, there's something exhilarating about watching goalposts rock and rock and rock before coming down with a mighty crash. But considering the liability issues at hand here, we don't begrudge Maryland for investing in new hydraulic goalposts. Even if it is just a tiny bit lame.