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Last Big East Georgetown-Syracuse Game To Get ESPN 'College Gameday' Treatment

We don't think we need to tell you that the pending dissolution of the annual Georgetown-Syracuse Big East matchup is an abomination in the sight of the Lord. We also don't feel any qualms about saying that ESPN's College Gameday shows for football and basketball are among the network's best regular programming.

So it will be a bittersweet occasion on March 9, when Syracuse visits the Verizon Center for what will likely be the last time and ESPN's College Gameday will join them for the first time.

As it happens, the last Georgetown/Syracuse will be at the same time as the Duke/North Carolina tilt in Chapel Hill, so it should be a wonderful day of hoops.

As an aside, one of the best games of the 2011 college football season was the final regular meeting between Texas and Texas A&M, which took place before the Aggies lit out for the SEC. If the game March 9 is as good as that one was, it's going to be a fun afternoon in Chinatown.