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VIDEO: Amy K. Nelson With Katie Ledecky

Katie Ledecky, newly crowned Olympic champion in the 800m freestyle swimming event, arrived home Monday evening to a riotous reception from her high school friends, the local media, and the community at large.

Also in that crowd of people at Dulles Airport, waiting for United Airlines Flight 925 from Heathrow was SB Nation's Amy K. Nelson, and she and her crew put together the "Full Nelson" video you're about to see after the jump.

Before we get to that, though, we want to thank the Ledecky family for allowing Amy and her crew into their home during a time when we're pretty sure giving interviews was the last thing Katie and her family wanted to do.

Also, the video itself is so damn heartwarming, you'll want to watch the whole thing, particularly the part with 7-year-old Hattie Leasure. But enough from us. Just watch.

For a complete schedule of events and dates medals will be awarded, visit NBC Sports' official Olympic website. For complete coverage from the 2012 London Olympics, keep checking this StoryStream and visit SB Nation's Olympics hub.

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