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Redskins Vs. Bills Score Update: Washington Leads 7-3; Robert Griffin Impressive

Robert Griffin III's debut was very solid, and the Washington Redskins defense looks good as well. Unfortunately, the Redskins did have one bad turnover -- a fumble by Evan Royster -- allowing the Buffalo Bills to pick up an easy field goal. They've looked good so far, even with that turnover, and the Redskins lead 7-3 at the end of the first quarter.

Griffin played three series and was 4-6 passing for 70 yards and a touchdown. One of his incompletions came on a pass right into the hands of Pierre Garcon on a third down, but Garcon was unable to keep his feet inbounds. The touchdown was on his last throw of his night, a short pass that Garcon took 20 yards into the end zone.

Rex Grossman is now in at quarterback for the Redskins and should play through the second quarter.

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