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Randy Edsall Doesn't Drink Coffee. We Understand, Randy

Until we learned what we're about to share with you, the best thing Randy Edsall had going for him (apart from his team's 2-0 record) was his new Internet-bestowed nickname, "Rangoon."

And then we found out, via the DC Sports Bog, that Randy Edsall does not drink coffee, but rather brews a jug of decaf tea on the balcony of his office at the Gossett Team House. How ... quaint.

In all honesty, we fully support Randy Edsall's principled tea-brewing practice and welcome him in to the No Coffee Club.

There are many reasons why we prefer tea to coffee (not least because brewing up a new pot makes us feel that much more British, which is never a bad thing), but the main one is the amount of cream and sugar you have to dump into your average cup to make it taste tolerable. By the time you get to that point, you might as well chug a 12-ounce can of Coke to start your day.

And yet, we digress. Welcome to the club, Randy. Dues and other information will be sent your way shortly.