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ANIMATED: Stefon Diggs' First Touchdown Catch Was A Miracle, Just Like Stefon Diggs

Well, the Terps lost to UConn today, but no one expected Maryland to do much of anything this season - heck, they've already matched last season's win total and beat an FBS team on the road for the first time since 2010. So, you know, progress. The real bright side is this was hyped freshman receiver/returner Stefon Diggs' first true breakout game. He had huge returns, clutch catches, and his first career touchdown. It was amazing that a player like Diggs even came to Maryland - when was the last time the Terps had a five-star recruit commit, sign and play with no drama like this? - and his first touchdown catch was as unbelievably awesome as his presence is in College Park.


That was sophomore Marcus Leak with the assist, for those keeping track at home, Diggs shrug says "How did I get here?" I don't know Mr. Diggs, but I'm sure glad you came.

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