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Connecticut Vs. Maryland Blog Reaction: Terps Endure 'Frustrating' Loss

Saturday's 24-21 loss to the Connecticut Huskies showcased a lot of what's wrong with the Maryland Terrapins football program. Mistakes led to an early 14-0 hole and the young offense wasn't powerful enough to overcome the deficit. The game that was dubbed the "Randy Edsall Bowl" turned out better for the Terps' head coach's former team, and left his current team looking lost and inexperianced.

"This loss is frustrating, and should be,' wrote the SB Nation blog Testudo Times after the game. "It showcased just how little ready this team is for primetime. They're still too young, with not enough talent or depth in key positions. Long-term, there's actually plenty to be encouraged about. Stefon Diggs is the truth, Wes Brown got the ball and showed that he deserved to, and the defense is still pretty well set. There are bright points here, and if they're built around this team has some true potential down the road."

The loss did feature some bright sports, however, as freshman wide receiver Stephon Diggs almost single-handedly led the Terps to a second-half comeback.

"The star of the game was undoubtedly Diggs, who finished with 223 total yards," writes Testudo Times. "The fact that he gets so few touches on offense - four today, and one of them wasn't even thrown to him - is a continuing travesty. He's Maryland's best player by a mile, especially on offense."

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