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LaRon Landry Doesn't Respect Anyone With The Redskins, It Seems

We usually don't spotlight former D.C. athletes in this space, but we'll make an exception when a player categorically rips his former team the way LaRon Landry did in this New York Daily News feature which ran over the weekend.

Apart from giving us the wonderful quote "I like unique s---," which we plan to use at every conceivable opportunity, Landry also uses the piece to say things about the Redskins like this:

(The Redskins) had people who just had the job title, but not the passion for their job. . . . I don't respect the training staff at all. I don't respect the coaches over there. I don't respect (Shanahan).

Daily News Jets beat writer Manish Mehta at least has the decency to point out that Landry refused to undergo team-recommended surgery and missed a total of 15 games in 2010 and 2011. Now in his sixth NFL season, Landry hasn't played a 16-game regular season since 2008.

You can back Landry to rejuvenate himself in New York if you like. But just in case he doesn't, this piece could serve as a handy printout for schadenfreude purposes.