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Branko Boskovic: 'It Is A Little Bit Stupid To Say I Am Not Fit, But The Season Is Over'

Some MLS teams have David Beckham or Thierry Henry as their designated player, the one person MLS sides can go above the salary cap to secure. D.C. United has Branko Boskovic, a 32-year-old Montenegrin who hasn't scored a single goal in his spell at the club (which goes back to 2010), who had major knee surgery during the 2011 season, and who accepted a pay cut this past summer when United offered him a new contract.

This past Saturday, Boskovic could only make it 56 minutes against the New England Revolution before Ben Olsen replaced him with Lewis Neal, who promptly scored the game-winning goal.

After the match, here's what Olsen said about Boskovic, according to our Brendan Darr.

"He's just not a 90-minute player."

Fast forward to Tuesday, when Boskovic was asked for his thoughts.

"The season is [almost] over and they say I am still not fit," Boskovic said. "What can I say? I feel good. Maybe I look like I am not ready, but that's how I look, that's how I play, that is my style, that is how I run. I can't change how I am. It's a little bit stupid to say I am not fit but the season is over. When am I going to be ready if I am not now ready?"

With a hint of scarcasm, he added: "Maybe this league is too strong for me, I don't know."

Oh, boy. With United chasing a playoff spot, now is really not the time for Boskovic and Olsen to be at loggerheads over playing time, no matter how much Olsen may say he likes Boskovic's fire.