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Redskins Vs. Rams: Josh Morgan Receives Death Threats Via Twitter

The revelation that follows is predictable and disappointing, but since we made a big deal of what happened to Joel Ward during the Stanley Cup playoffs earlier this year, it wouldn't be fair to let this pass without making a note of it.

From John Keim of the Examiner:

Redskins receiver Joshua Morgan said he received death threats on Twitter after his costly 15-yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty in a 31-28 loss to St. Louis. Morgan's penalty forced the Redskins into a 62-yard field goal attempt that Billy Cundiff missed wide right.

Keim managed to preserve some of them, and they're after the jump.

And here they are:

"James Isaac Northrup ‏@FreddeteJr JOSH MORGAN I WILL KILL YOU IN YOUR [Expletive] SLEEP YOU AUTISTIC [bleep]"

"radarada4 ‏@JacRada @FeetzMorgan202 u are sum [bleep] kill ur self"

"@ParallelRhymes: @FeetzMorgan202 I hope your mama loses her foot to diabetes and has trouble walking up/down stairs"

"@TroobAdore: I hope someone throws a football at ur firstborn child"

Charming stuff, we think you'll agree. I think it goes without saying that these people barely deserve the attention they've already received. For a refresher course in Twitter etiquette, let's turn the program over to our Redskins editor, Daniel Shiferaw.