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PHOTOS: Maryland Goes With All-White Look Against West Virginia

We haven't done a Maryland uniform story in a while, so it's about time the Terps unveiled another wild new look for their football team to wear Saturday afternoon.

At last check, Maryland was a 26-point underdog against No. 8 West Virginia in Morgantown. In response, the Terps have rolled out their new "White Ops" uniforms. Yes, we said "White Ops." You know, like Black Ops, but ... you know what, let's just get to the pictures.

Photos via @alex_prewitt, Maryland beat writer for the Post.




Clearly, the plan behind these uniforms is to blind the Mountaineers on both sides of the ball. The design and the color (or actually colors, since these are white uniforms we're talking about and scientists say that white represents the presence of all colors) get a resounding "meh" from us, though we do like Prewitt's description.