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Virginia Vs. TCU Score Update: TCU Leads At Halftime, 14-0

The No. 17 TCU Horned Frogs have extended their lead to 14-0 over the Virginia Cavaliers.

UVA managed a productive drive midway through the second quarter. But after eight plays and 50 yards, quarterback Michael Rocco threw an interception.

The TCU defense has forced two turnovers so far, recovering one early in the second quarter, and held UVA to just 34 rushing yards on 13 attempts.

Wide receiver Brandon Carter is emerging as a dominant force to compliment Josh Boyce. Both have a touchdown, but Carter has been the real star. In the first half, he has grabbed two passes -- both caught with one hand -- for 111 yards.

Aside from those big plays by Carter, though, the UVA defense has kept the game close, even forcing a red zone interception.

The game is currently airing on ESPN.

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