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Virginia Vs. TCU 2012: Streaking The Lawn Reacts

In a hardly unexpected outcome, the TCU Horned Frogs bettered the UVA Cavaliers yesterday at home by a score of 27-7. SB Nation's UVA community, Streaking the Lawn, was not particularly miffed by the Cavalier loss.

Though the Hoos had opportunities to stay in the game from start to finish, the team couldn't make big plays when it counted, while giving up too many to its opponents, an all-too-common theme of the season.

As argued by Streaking the Lawn, however, the opportunities were there. TCU, in spite of their top-25 ranking, certainly showed their vulnerabilities against Virginia.

They turned the ball over, they committed stupid penalties, and they struggled to move the ball too. The difference: TCU capitalized off Virginia's mistakes, while the Hoos just didn't have it in them.

Frogs O' War, SB Nation's TCU community, would hardly disagree with this assessment of the outing. Even though the victory was rather lopsided, the TCU faithful argue that this game raised more questions than it answered, including the ominous "are we seriously going to be fumbling all year?"

Suffice it to say that, for Cavaliers and Horned Frogs fans alike, there was not too much cause for excitement or optimism after the TCU win.

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