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In honor of Nationals, local Irish pub offering 'Cortisone Shot'

Duffy's Irish Pub, a local watering hole in Washington, D.C., has concocted an honorary drink dedicated to the 2012 Washington Nationals, dubbed the 'Cortisone Shot.' Duffy's developed the drink at the behest of National's broadcaster, F.P. Santangelo who suggested that the bar serve the drink during the team's games.

With key members of the Nationals such as Ryan Zimmerman, Michael Morse and Ian Desmond receiving the shot to help deal with inflammation, one could argue that the cortisone shot has played an important role in the team's first playoff berth since relocating to D.C. Now, fans of the team can take a 'cortisone shot' of their own to help get through tense moments of the postseason run.

The drink contains a mix of Jack Daniels, Jameson, apple schnapps and cranberry juice, via The Washington Post:

Despite two whiskeys, it's really smooth and tastes predominantly of apples, which is perfect for fall.

The drink will be served for $5 during each Nationals game and will join the bar's other National's deal, which awards a free shot of Jameson to any one wearing team memorabilia when Jayson Werth hits a homerun or Bryce Harper steals a base.