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Jayson Werth trolls Philadelphia, Philadelphia responds in kind

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When you can get a politician to call you an ass on live radio, you've accomplished something in life.

Hunter Martin - Getty Images

There was a glorious piece of pantomime theater Wednesday night at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia, when, in the top of the ninth inning, Nationals outfielder Jayson Werth came to bat with two men on and two men out. Prior to that, he had fake-tossed a ball into the crowd behind Washington's dugout ("Look behind you!"). When Werth finally arrived in the box, he was buzzed by Justin De Fratus ("Oh, no it isn't!") before singling up the middle to drive in two runs ("Oh, yes it is!").


And then, the city of Philadelphia stopped having fun.

Quoth the Bog:

"I mean, Jayson Werth is a complete ass. You're right, fans did make his career. We made him a star and we got him that contract. Players are nuts. Player are nuts sometimes. The fans were great to Jayson Werth. Even Donovan [McNabb], Donovan had some difficulty with the fans but he acknowledged how great Eagles fans were when it came to winning or losing games. Jayson Werth, compare him to what Cliff Lee said about the Phillies fans or what Cole Hamels said this year about the Philly fans. It's nuts. I think he's got to be a little bit off-kilter."

That, friends, was former Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell. Former Governor. Ed Rendell. Who says gravitas in politics is dead?