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Man pleads guilty to attempted RGIII blackmail

Richard Hurd faces up to three years in prison after pleading guilty Thursday.

Hey, remember this story?

Well, it progressed a little further Thursday.

From NBC Washington:

Richard Khamir Hurd, 25, of Waco, pleaded guilty to federal charges of interstate communication of a threat and receiving the proceeds of extortion.

Hurd walked on to the Baylor basketball team in 2004 and played for four years. RGIII was a track and football star at Baylor.

The article goes onto state that "the nature of [Hurd's] 'information' [on Griffin] was not disclosed." It now seems very likely that we will never know what Hurd had on RGIII, if indeed it was anything at all. Naturally, one's mind goes to all sorts of dark places when one hears about something like this, but we should keep in mind that at the time of the initial arrest, the information was not considered to be "illegal or scandalous or problematic in any way."

Our final guess? Hurd spotted RGIII eating at Quizno's one time.