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John Wall injury: Washington guard could miss ten games, potential 'backbreaker' for Wizards

With the announcement on Friday that Washington Wizards point guard John Wall has developed the early stages of a non-traumatic stress fracture in his left patella comes the reality that the team's season may be in jeopardy before it ever begins.

Projected to miss approximately eight weeks, Wall's return would come some time in November and potentially see him miss at least 10 games, which for a borderline playoff team could be a backbreaker. This is especially true considering Wizards head coach Randy Wittmann's comments on Wednesday where he explained that Wall was the pivotal piece in the fast break offense the team hoped to run this season.

His final sentiment was that as long as Wall was in the lineup, the team was going to have an advantage. Well, now they won't have Wall in the lineup and will certainly be at a disadvantage.

This leaves A.J. Price, Jordan Crawford or Shelvin Mack to attempt to fill the void while Wall is out.

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