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Louisiana Tech Vs. Virginia halftime update: Cavaliers ahead 24-20

The Virginia Cavaliers are getting all they want against the Louisiana Tech Bulldogs, leading just 24-20 at halftime in Scott Stadium.

Virginia has been able to move the ball at will, gaining 383 yards of total offense. Quarterback Michael Rocco has been absolutely sublime thus far, completing 13-of-19 for 265 yards to accompany two touchdowns and an interception.

Perry Jones has also joined in the aerial assault, throwing a 36-yard touchdown pass of his own to Tim Smith to open the scoring. In his more conventional role, Jones has also rushed for 52 yards on 11 carries.

However, the defense hasn't been performing up to expectations. The Bulldogs have been able to run the ball with some authority, picking up 71 yards on only 15 carries. Ray Holley has led the way for Louisiana Tech, amassing 40 yards and a score on six attempts.

Virginia hasn't helped itself with a total lack of discipline, totaling 10 penalties that have resulted in 95 lost yards.