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Stephen Strasburg Fighting Shutdown "To The End" With Davey Johnson

Pretty much everyone around the Nationals organization has come to term with Stephen Strasburg's impending shutdown as the young ace reaches his innings limit for the season. Everybody, that is, except for Strasburg himself.

Manager Davey Johnson announced Strasburg would pitch two more starts this year, meaning a projected start on Sept. 12 against the Mets will be his last for the year. Strasburg, who just pitched a two-hit, no-run outing Sunday against St. Louis, understandably doesn't want his season to end.

Strasburg also said of Johnson's plans, "I am going to fight with him to the end. That is all I got to say."

Strasburg says that although he is focused on his next start he plans on having a "sit down" with his manager "real soon" to discuss allowing him to pitch. Earlier, Strasburg had said the team would need to "rip the ball out" of his hands if they wanted to shut him down, and he's sticking to that mentality.

The Nationals deserve credit for following through with their plan to sustain their pitcher's long-term health, even as they head into the team's first postseason since moving to Washington. Strasburg also deserves credit for wanting the ball in his hands instead of ending a spectacular season early.

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