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Perry Hills 'Promising' Despite Three Picks Vs. William And Mary

Tossing three interceptions against a FCS team is typically frowned upon for the starting quarterback of a BCS conference squad. But reviews for Perry Hills, the true freshman quarterback who was forced into action just weeks before the season after an injury to C.J. Brown, aren't entirely negative.

Ben Broman of Testudo Times didn't call Hills' debut good, but they didn't call it bad either:

But keep in mind the situation, with a true freshman making his first ever start and the rest of the offense trying to work in a new scheme to boot. With that in mind he was, strangely enough, quite promising outside of those three picks. No bust-ups in the huddle. No embarrassing mistakes on the snap. Intermediate routes were often on target and delivered crisply and on time. He looked composed when he had time. Given the circumstances, it really wasn't an awful showing, certainly not as awful as the three interceptions will look on the statline. Far from a good one, mind you, but there's plenty to build upon here.

There's obviously a lot of criticism to be had at the expense of a team that eked out a late victory thanks to a lone touchdown against what should be a lesser opponent, and that criticism is there: Broman calls out Maryland's offensive gameplan, offensive line, players on the Terrapins' defense and special teams. But the team could have gotten worse from Hills, who completed two-thirds of his passes for a respectable 145 yards, although they're in major trouble if the true freshman doesn't progress and stop turning the ball over as the season continues.

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