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Georgia Tech Vs. Virginia Tech Score Update: Hokies and Yellow Jackets Tied 7-7 Heading Into Half

Virginia Tech freshman punter A.J. Hughes botched the snap on a punt just before the end of the first quarter, and Georgia Tech wasted little time capitalizing, scoring just two plays later on a Robert Godhigh 12-yard run to tie the game at 7-7.

Following the Godhigh touchdown was 14 scoreless minutes that involved three punts from each team and zero true scoring threats, leading the Hokies and Yellow Jackets to enter halftime tied.

In this defensive battle, Virginia Tech quarterback Logan Thomas has stood out as a playmaker, passing for 90 yards and a touchdown and adding 40 rushing yards on eight carries. Wide receiver Marcus Davis has four receptions for 48 yards. Tight end Eric Martin has the only score for the Hokies, a 5-yard touchdown reception.

Georgia Tech quarterback Tevin Washington is 4-for-7 for 52 yards, with every completed pass going to running back Orwin Smith.

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