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Georgia Tech Vs. Virginia Tech Blog Reaction: Virginia Tech "Somehow Escapes" With Overtime Win

Virginia Tech blog Gobbler Country was excited -- but not necessarily pleased -- with Virginia Tech's overtime win against Georgia Tech


Virginia Tech's season-opening win against divisional rival Georgia Tech wasn't exciting from start to finish, but it certainly peaked at the right time: after almost an hour of sluggish, uninspiring offenses trying to punt their way to victory, both teams began to score as the game entered its final minutes. The teams traded scores late with the No. 16 Hokies capitalizing on a late field goal and turnover in overtime to win.

Hokies blog Gobbler Country referred to the team's evening as "playing with their food", but still enjoyed the thriller:

Well, what can I really say? If you weren't watching; 1. nothing I say is going to sufficiently sum it up for you, and 2. shame on you.

The result?

It's a win. A very, very, very sloppy and ugly one, but it's a win.

The site's biggest criticism was perennially conservative playcalling that saw Frank Beamer's squad allow the Yellow Jackets to hang around and even take the lead in the final minute despite an all-around great defensive performance that stymied a troublesome triple option attack.

This is the kind of performance by our coaching staff that I thought we had moved past. You can't punt the ball from inside an opponent's 35-yard line. You can't run wide receiver screens all day. You can't call terrible plays in relation to the situation you're facing. We did all three tonight, and often.

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