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Chris Cooley: 'It's Not My Funeral, I'm Not Dying, I'm OK'

If you listened to the first edition of the SB Nation DC podcast last week, you would have heard Scott Jackson, Charles Walton, and myself discuss the curious decision by WUSA sportscaster Kristin Berset to wear a Chris Cooley jersey on the five o'clock news the day that the popular tight end was given his walking papers by the franchise.

If we're being charitable, Berset's decision was symbolic of the popular surprise and outcry at the team's decision. But then Cooley himself went on Friday's edition of the Mike Wise show on 106.7 The Fan to disabuse any Redskins fan who may have felt the inclination to throw a telethon for him.

The only part I'm having a hard time with right now is the pity party. It's not my funeral, I'm not dying, I'm OK. It's a business and I've understood that it's a business for a long time and I'm able to separate that. Where I become emotional is when the people involved in my life through the business tell me what I meant to them and tell me how they felt about me and stories that they shared with me. ... That's something that I'm not losing. That's what I think makes me more emotional.

Emotional stuff, indeed.

Thanks to Sports Radio Interviews for the transcript.