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NHL Lockout 2012: Dynamo Moscow Has 'Moral Right' To Alex Ovechkin's Services, According To KHL President

With a lockout of NHL players looking more and more likely with each passing day, and with the prospect that some players might take their talents to Russia as a result of that lockout growing right along, we've been following the jockeying among Russian teams for the potential services of one Alex Ovechkin with great interest.

The story so far: It was reported last week that Dynamo Moscow, Ovechkin's former club, would try to sign the Washington captain in the event of a work stoppage. Then Dynamo's president said such an action would be unnecessary. Now, the Kontinental Hockey League's president, a certain Alexander Medvedev, has weighed in with his thoughts.

Here's how R-Sport reported Medvedev's remarks.

Medvedev insisted that Dynamo should have first refusal on the 26-year-old wing in the event of a lockout, despite reported interest from big-spending CSKA Moscow, Medvedev said.
"Of course there's a formal bureaucratic side which can be disputed sometimes, but there's also a moral-ethical side," Medvedev said.

Oh, and the KHL just changed their rules so that any club can sign up to three additional players for however long the lockout lasts. So stay tuned ...